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Excellent quality,reasonable price,best service.

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選擇卡恩的Trade and Industry Select Kaen 4 Reasons

Superior Quality

Excellent product quality
Advanced industrial equipment
Years of production experience
Service to multiple fire brigade


Combination of production, research and production
Scientific management system
Professional certification enterprise
LA safety certification

Rich Experience

Products can be customizedaccording to customer needs
urgent customer needs, what customers think

Perfect Service

Expert Pre-sales technical support
Professional product consulting and training services
Fast, intimate after-sales support

Professional teamflexible management system,circumspect after-sales services

call of advisory:+86-513-88762099



Nantong kaen safety equipment co., LTD is a professional engaged in fire safety protective equipment production and marketing enterprises, located in the star - haian county, jiangsu province, is located Yu Haian national economic development zone.

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Inspection report of hydraulic shear
Inspection report of hydraulic dilator
Inspection report of hydraulic prop up device
Inspection report of fire air respirator
Inspection report of rescue three leg
Fire safety rope inspection report
Inspection report of hydraulic motor pump
Report of cloth shoes for emergency rescue
Report of Rescue Boots
3C Certificate of Air Respirator
3C Certificate of Safety Rope
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Causes of air respirator leakage

The main reasons for the leakage of air breathing apparatus are as follows:air breathing apparatus safety valve leakage, solution: it may be because the safety valve in the rubber pad aging or damage, we should promptly replace the rubber pad in the safet

Precautions for using air breathing apparatus

During the use of self-contained air breathing apparatus, attention should be paid to the pressure gauge. When the cylinder pressure is less than 55 + 5 bar, the alarm whistle starts to call, and the police should evacuate the dangerous area as soon as th


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